Peirce Hack: Pierce Your Ears in Peirce



Hello and welcome back to another Peirce Hack that you didn’t ask for but still received. Today, the only food item you need is an apple! Plus a sewing needle, lighter, cotton swab, and antibacterial solution. Yep, we’re piercing ears in Peirce!

Video and steps below the cut!!

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Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: The Noodle Incident


Little Death Pouches of Death ~via

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Do I have a story for you! Ever wondered what happens when you dump an entire bowl of (literally) boiling noodle water all over your two leggies very late on a Saturday night? Me freaking neither, but I sure as heck found out last weekend! Buckle up, folks, because you’re in for an article-long rant about why you should never let me near any sort of kitchen appliance ever again! I present to you: The Noodle Incident. No noodles were harmed in the making of this article. Just kidding. They were harmed. My laptop was harmed. I was harmed. Everything is pain. Enjoy.

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