Inside the Mind of an Old Man on Overheard at Kenyon


You fear the name. You’ve seen the posts. But do any of us know the real John Ryerson, Overheard at Kenyon connoisseur? In this article, The Thrill delves into the mind of one of the most baffling men that Kenyon has ever seen. What does the psyche of a man with unlimited power and limited social awareness look like? 

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Shit Kenyon Professors Say, Vol. II

shit prof 2

We really do!

These quotes have been collected from professors in various areas of study, by a variety of Thrill contributors. Click here for our previous installment. 

“I mean, obviously I’m leftist. I have leftist bias. But like, that shit’s racist.”

“I am older and meaner than the devil.”

“We all piss and shit.”

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Overheard at Kenyon: First Week Back


Welcome back nerds! The first week of school has come and gone and we’re all cursing ourselves for complaining about how bored we were over break. Plenty of things on campus are different but one thing will never change: the Thrill is always listening. We heard you with our sweet baby ears and know what you did last night. It’s Overheard!

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Overheard at Kenyon: Back 2 Skewl

He’s always listening. (via Diverse Education)

Welcome back, y’all. This past week has been filled with questions, comments, concerns, and more – here are some tidbits we’ve found along the way:

  • Freshman Talking About Her Sophomore Housing, Probably: “Which one is Caples again?
  • Sophomore, Ready to Get Back In the Groove: “I don’t have any homework, so I guess that means I can start drinking early.” Continue reading

Overheard at Kenyon: Goodbyes, Misunderstandings, and, As Always, Poop

Pictured: Adirondack chairs on Ransom Lawn enjoying a weekly bonding sesh, swapping anti-rot tips and bitching about how overrated the Middle Path benches are. (photo via Richard Gilbert)

  •  An Enthusiastic Adderall User: “Don’t worry about me, I am the master of balancing my business schedule with my party schedule. They used to call me ‘Mullet’ in high school.”
  • An Already Nostalgic Quest Student: “I don’t mean this to be funny, but when I went to her office hours to turn in my final paper, I’m serious, it got pretty tender.”

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