The Monday Catchup


Prospies: Round Two

Every time I see Peirce lawn peppered with people enjoying the sun and each other’s company, a massive jolt of anxiety courses through my veins. The words, “At Kenyon you will” blur my vision, and I stumble into memories of a Common App coma— a coma that I, no doubt, was lost in as a prospective student. So, gird your loins for round two of these innocent, unknowing prospies. Don’t let them catch wind of that pitcher of margaritas you drank all by yourself at Fiesta, the amount of time you spent dartying on Saturday, the amount of time you spent trying to rally after dartying, or the amount of work you have yet to do. Don’t let them hear these candid thoughts.

“Got asked multiple times today if I was a prospie. I’m a rising junior” -anonymous yak

“I’ll still try and pass off my sunburn as a tan”

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The Owl Creeks Really Sucked Friday Night


Okay, buckle up guys. I know it’s customary on this blog when we “review” things to just shit out some vague compliments, but not today. I am so confused.

Let’s start at the beginning. This weekend was an aca-SPLOSION so I get that things were a little hectic, but when I walked up the steps of Rosse Friday night, there was a GIGANTIC Take Five banner. Wrong sign, idiots. Couldn’t even give us the curtesy of some basic planning. That could have really thrown some people off.

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Reliving the Company’s Friday Perfomance

Just in case you don’t have enough tabs open on your computer, here are some videos (via Amanda Somekh ’14’s YouTube channel) of The Company’s outstanding Friday night performance. In a brilliant and unexpected move, The Company, Kenyon’s premiere mixed gender children’s gymnastics team, opened as the Owl Creeks for the Owl Creeks concert.

Parts two and three (my personal favorites) after the jump

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