Deconstructing Your P.O. Box Partner’s Personality


The Thrill is looking into P.O. boxes this week because let’s face it…they are, weirdly, super interesting. When I first got to Kenyon as a young first-year I was overwhelmed and excited by the prospect of having a P.O. box buddy. It’s like a roommate for your mail. I started to wonder about the identity of my P.O. partner. Who was he/she and why did he/she get so many copies of the Home and Garden catalog. If you are currently trying to figure out the personality of your P.O. box partner to see if you should become the best of friends or the worst of enemies, casually sneak a peek at the mail they get in order to construct a plausible personality*. Read on for a basic guide to deconstructing your P.O. box buddy’s identity. Continue reading