Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Packing/Storage But Have Been Afraid to Ask

My mental image of a storage unit (via world-insights.com)

Since The Thrill tries to be open with its readers, I am going to confide something in you guys for a moment. I got a little catty with my editor when I was assigned this topic because storagemakesmeanxious and Ihateitmakeitstop.  Anyway, I finally mustered up the courage to do some research. After a survey of my peers, I cobbled together some answers to “the questions you were too afraid to ask about storage,” for those of you with post-traumatic-storage-disorder like me. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: “College Problems” from Last Week

homeward bound

We’re almost homeward bound. Did you finish the year with a splash?

The week before finals week was bound to be a stressful one. Take a study break while we examine last week’s crises.

1)    The Internet went down. So did my life. First it was isolation and denial: “No, it can’t be down. Everybody else is still studying. Omigod it’s just me.” Then it was anger. And growling. Then it was bargaining. “Maybe I can get on Facebook from Kenyon’s homepage. NO? Kenyon.efff.u!!” Then it was a deep sadness, in which I simultaneously tried to reload Netflix, Facebook, and Gmail for a half-hour. Finally, acceptance: “Well… I guess I can go talk to people…I guess.” Continue reading

What to Pack in Your Duffel for Break


Overpacking is a common issue. I often combat this by simply driving home and throwing a few key items in with my dirty laundry- free laundry courtesy of my Mama and unlimited outfit options. Winning. However, for the times when I have chosen to fly or carpool home, I have been forced to make a few sizable cuts when packing up my Vera duffel. Here are a few basic tips to remember when considering outfits for the upcoming week:

Continue reading

On Packing: Boxing Your Crap

Now that you understand how to properly remove all the junk that has accumulated throughout the year, it’s time to put the stuff you actually want/need to keep in boxes. But before you can physically do this, you need to procure actual boxes.

Boxes are great for hiding from your responsibilities.

Getting boxes and the necessary supplies (i.e. packing tape) is not difficult.  There are numerous locations to find that special box:

  •  Buy from the Bookstore — This one is a no-brainer. The Bookstore has everything; why wouldn’t they have boxes and tape? That would be just bad business. (Walmart also sells large and small boxes).
  • “Steal” from the Post Office — These boxes next to the front desks are intended to be used to mail small packages, but who says they can’t be used to hold your Jo Jo CD collection over the summer?
  • Collect from your own room — Maybe Granny sent you a care package or you treated yo’ self to some bourgeois luxuries that you ordered over the internet.  Chances are there’s a box or two floating around your room.