10 o’clock list: Ways Kenyon Resembles Milton’s Hell

"Heaven is the Bullseye and I've been reduced to the Lounge!"

“Heaven is the Bullseye and I’ve been reduced to the Lounge!”

It’s November, so I’ve been thinking about Hell a lot. Good thing that I read Paradise Lost in my English 103 class last year because now I am an expert on Hell. My Expert status is deserved mostly because I made it through that class. Anyhow, here are some ways that Kenyon resembles Hell.

  1. “Yet from those flames/ No light, but rather darkness visible.” (1.62-63) I mean, when was the last time you spent any time in the sun? Sometimes I see it through the windows in Olin. But even then, I’m not sure it’s anything but an illusion cast by the immortal night that has taken over Gambier. Continue reading