10 o’clock List: Clickbait Paper Titles

A student struggles as his UCC consoles him. (via mimlearning.com)

Now that the flurry of excitement that is the first week back is over, it’s time to get real – pretty soon, you’ll have to start writing papers for your classes. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not, but you want to make sure to produce something that your professors will actually want to read. And what better way to get them hooked than to title your paper as a clickbait feature? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Five Phenomena You’ll Be Surprised to Find Out Happen Because of Natural Forces Beyond Our Control. Wind? Clouds? Gravity? This title will keep your professor guessing as they rapidly scan for you thesis, searching for the phenomena they thought couldn’t be explained!
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10 o’clock list: Paper Titles That Will Get Me in Trouble


There is something about the death throes of the semester that just put me in a mood, y’know? Assign me six papers, two exams, an essay and a fair bit of regular homework all due within a week and a half, and suddenly I’m feeling simultaneously grouchy and totally giddy with stress. The perfect outlet for such feelings? The titles of your papers.

1. Paper topic: Henry VIII

Title: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Henry VIII and the Creation of the Anglican Church

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