Kenyon Quiz: Are You the Parent of your Friend Group?



If you’re like me, you miss your mommy back home more than anything. (Hi, Mary!) In fact, you’ve probably tried to recreate your home life by falling into a friend group which represents your at-home family to a T. But are you secretly taking on the qualities of the mother you miss so dearly? Do your friends regard you as their pseudo-parent? Are you bored? Take this quiz!

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10 o’clock list: Members of Your Kenyon Family

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Kenyon is our little home away from home. During these four years, we spend more time overall on campus than we do at home anyways. The people you meet and interact with on a daily basis fill the role of your family. If you think about it in general, it makes sense — we’re dysfunctional and full of angst, yet deep down, we love each other in a weird, warm-fuzzy kind of way. More specifically, many of your Kenyon peers can be assigned specific family roles based on their typical interactions with you. See if your friends fall into any of these potential categories!

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