10 O’Clock List: Best Places to Throw A Darty (Day Party)

Now that quiet period has been officially over for a few weeks, Kenyon students have started to come out of hibernation and initiate the latest trend in covid-safe hangouts: the darty. Darties (day parties, for those of you not up to date on the coolest new Kenyon lingo) have popped up outside of apartment complexes, like in the NCA loop, and are usually accompanied by bumping playlists and/or beer pong tables. To maximize safety during covid, darty locations should be varied, just so everyone can maintain that sweet sweet six feet apart from their fellow dartygoers. Here’s some suggestions to keep the darties pumping while keeping everyone safe:

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How to Tell Your Family About Your Weekend Without Revealing Your Heathen Ways

So, it’s that time again. You finally remember to call your family, they ask you how your weekend was, and you don’t have an answer. What are you supposed to say, that you partied so hard you don’t actually remember your weekend? Having some pre-prepared white lies to these questions can help you get out of situations like this. Luckily, they’re so simple, you can remember them no matter how hungover you are.

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Why Does Formal Season Feel Like a Never Ending Middle School Dance?


I guess I should have known that pulling up to the Zeta formal wearing jeans wasn’t going to fly. The two girls out in front seemed to be running a very tight ship—and don’t get me wrong I respect the rules—I just wasn’t aware that in order to attend a middle school dance in Colburn you needed a Prada gown. That said, obviously, I put on the fanciest thing I own for my own formal, so I don’t really have any validity in my bitterness.

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