10 o’clock list: Reasons Why We’re Not Actually A Party School

…we’re just really far along in our slow decline into alcoholism.

Don’t be fooled by the breaking (ish) news posted earlier today, we are not a party school. Yes, there is drinking. And yes, there are parties. But if you’ve drunk-cried in your room at 8PM more times than you’ve drunk-puked at 1AM then not only would we really get along, but you’re not exactly going as HAM as Buzzfeed might make it seem.

  1. We have coat racks — My friend goes to one of the bigger party schools listed. During one of my visits in the dead of winter, I innocently inquired as to the prevalence of coat racks at the approaching party. I have been severely mocked in high pitched voices without fail at every get together we’ve had since. It’s been over a year. Continue reading