10 O’Clock List: Best Places to Throw A Darty (Day Party)

Now that quiet period has been officially over for a few weeks, Kenyon students have started to come out of hibernation and initiate the latest trend in covid-safe hangouts: the darty. Darties (day parties, for those of you not up to date on the coolest new Kenyon lingo) have popped up outside of apartment complexes, like in the NCA loop, and are usually accompanied by bumping playlists and/or beer pong tables. To maximize safety during covid, darty locations should be varied, just so everyone can maintain that sweet sweet six feet apart from their fellow dartygoers. Here’s some suggestions to keep the darties pumping while keeping everyone safe:

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Party Time: Das A Commotion

Editor’s note: This past week, The Thrill took on a new group of writers. We’ve asked one of them, John Foley ’15, to reflect on one event (and ultimately, the Kenyon social scene) every weekend. This is his first dispatch.

What I recall most vividly about this weekend is the swishing and swaying. It felt almost lurid at times. The technical features of dancing (the awkward moment when sweat meets other sweat, when you step on the foot of a friend, when someone behind you falls and screams) are often omitted from memory in the haze of the activity.  Yet swish and sway we did: strangers tumbled onto me accidentally more than once, as I did to them.

At Das Racist, the aforementioned swishing and swaying was on high display. Energy pulsing throughout the room bordered on anarchic. This relatively small crowd, in this small space, seemed almost out of control. We could take over. The knowledge that if we wanted, we could quite literally dance with the band seemed to propel us into near ecstasy. Continue reading