Kenyon Side Projects: Claire Berman ’16

IMG_3083 (1)

Squad goals, tbh.

So, as it turns out, Kenyon students are pretty weird. The Thrill has decided to showcase the endearing oddities of our student body with a feature entitled “Kenyon Side Projects”. In this new feature, we will spotlight a Kenyon student with a side project that we find particularly intriguing. This time we’re excited to feature our own editor-in-chief Claire Berman ’15. Claire has been slowly building a formidable collection of ceramic poodles, called “spaghetti poodles” for their distinctive appearance. 

Claire, how did this collection first begin?

Well, I had one for a while before really knowing what it was. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Kenyon-Relevant Stock Photos

Sometimes you look at stock photos and you just wonder why there are so many of fruits inside of other fruits. But sometimes you look at stock photos and see the heart-wrenching realness of them, the minute detail that perfectly represents your life and emotions. Here are some of those stock photos.

  1. “Middle-Aged Man On A Horse On A Summer Day At The Beach.” I imagine that this is a very accurate representation of Philander Chase riding up to the Kokosing for the first time.
    "This'll do."

    “This’ll do.”

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