Easter Basket Munchies

Spare me. (via huffingtonpost.com)

Spare me. (via huffingtonpost.com)

It’s Easter! Yay! Here’s what I wanted in my Easter Basket…

  • A whole pizza with extra pepperoni
  • Two-liter bottle of Sierra Mist
  • Whoppers Robin’s Eggs things
  • Some Peeps (not those Peeps, these Peeps)
  • Another two-liter bottle of Sierra Mist
  • Did I say pizza?
  • A Cove gift card (which I will probably spend on chicken tenders and cheese fries)
  • Maybe a lasagna

Do it tonight: Pinegrove at Deb Ball

“Kenyon’s dreamiest English major” Evan Hall ’11 will be playing the Independent lounge stage (as a member of Pinegrove, “Kenyon’s most bioluminsecent late-00’s indie rock band”), at Deb Ball this evening.  It would behoove you to gussy up, dress your best, and get ready for some real introspective partying. Continue reading