10 o’clock list: Five Things That Aren’t Just You, So It’s All Okay


Kenyon is small and there are always people around, but it is natural to feel like a plastic bag drifting on the wind, ready to start again. When you feel this feeling, perhaps it would help you to know that you are not the only one. There are certainly those things that seem like little “haha, fuck yous” that the Kenyon universe reserves for you and you alone. You slip in a mud puddle on Middle Path. You accidentally address your professor as “Dad” in passing, and then quietly curse the gods as you walk away from the interaction. We’re here to tell you that it’s not just you, in case that helps. You are not alone when:

1. You wake up and realize all the work you have been putting off has to get done today. That thing where you “Go to bed early” so that you can “Wake up early and do work”. Many students at Kenyon awoke to their alarms this morning, with a collective mental chorus of “…fuuuck.” Continue reading

Kenyon Mythbusters: Can You Get Mono From Peirce Cups?

Innocent liquid holder? Or dangerous radical?

Innocent drink holder? Or health nightmare?

Mononucleosis is often invoked as a boogeyman on campus, and for good reason. With all the canoodling and “extracurricular activity” going on, it’s no surprise that you’ll have a few friends a year come down with the kissing disease. But is it possible to get mono from Peirce cups? Sure, they seem innocent, but we don’t know what they’re doing when they’re snuggled up all tight next to each other.  Continue reading

Kenyon Pseudoscience: Why Do Peirce Cups Stick Together?

Dear God

Dear God.

Hydrogen bonds, magnetism, Krazy Glue… just a few of the most powerful adhesive forces known to modern science.  And yet they all pale in comparison to the dark magic keeping the cups in Peirce stubbornly fused together.  Veterans of The Hill know that attempting to disentangle such a pairing is often impossible, and that the best option is to find a lone individual.  So what is this mysterious force holding our cups hostage? Continue reading

What Is This Building?

237 235

After a short walk around the Kenyon campus, anybody could tell that there are all kinds of different and mysterious buildings around here. Especially as a First Year, there are some buildings that are a complete mystery to me. And don’t lie to yourselves, upperclassmen. You could still find yourself standing in front of an unmarked building, befuddled and trying to recall what exactly this strange edifice could be for. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Kenyon Problems

I’d say these complaints rank a solid 2.3 (via wordpress.com)

There are a lot of great things at Kenyon, like Muffin Mondays and midnight breakfast. Yet, as we roll around in our Kenyon Bubble, we all find common things to complain about. I’m not sure whether it’s therapeutic or unhealthy to relish in mild frustration, but it can’t be denied that we do it every day. Here are five things that rank pretty low on the Kenyon complaint spectrum,  somewhere under “toe stubbing” but probably on par with “almost tripping down the stairs.”

1. Peirce cups: I’m talking about those times where you sidle up to the cups rack and innocently reach for a Peirce cup, only to pull up half the stack with it. You’ll probably have to make two or three more attempts until the chosen cup wiggles free like Excalibur, but by now all your hopes of looking casual at the juice bar are gone.  Continue reading