I Stayed in Peirce for Twelve Whole Hours & Here are Some Things That Happened to Me

Peirce is a central building on campus, with a multifaceted purpose: in the morning, it’s where you can get basically free coffee; during meal times, it’s where you can get food, or at least, like, toast or something. It could even be said that Peirce has enough resources inside that you could never leave. Well, because I have a wildly unbalanced schedule that leaves me with no commitments on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and because I’ve always wanted to beat my previous record of being in Peirce for nine hours (set when an upperclassman grossly exaggerated to first-year-me how hard it was to find a table at Peircegiving), I decided to test this out by staying in Peirce for twelve hours, as you do. Gotta get the most outta that meal plan babyyyyyy. Here are some things that happened to me:

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