Living With The Shame of Asking for No Veggies

I’m sorry, Little One, but I only eat raw hot sauce packets now

In a normal year, Peirce Dining Hall is an underappreciated hub of Kenyon social life. This year, it is the only rock in the peopleless ocean we call a college campus, and for that I am forever grateful. The fact that all this wonderful food is cooked seven days a week specifically for us is something that I’m not about to take for granted, and I want to show my Peirce Hall fandom in any way I can; any way except one.

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I Tried Eating Like I Was at Peirce For a Week

Being remote this semester has me missing a lot of things about Kenyon, including Peirce Hall’s cuisine. There’s something about waiting in line for food that makes it taste better, I suppose. Since I was feeling so homesick (Peirce-sick?) for Peirce food, I decided to try and recreate Peirce dishes at home.

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Pubic Peirce Creations


The Thrill presents this never-before published post from our archives, created by a former blogger ’15.

So many options. Via

When it comes to first impressions, your hair plays a key role in giving a person an indicator of what the rest of your style is like. But in more intimate situations, your appearance downstairs can be just as important as what you’ve got going on top of your head! So for any of you who are new to the world of carpet cleaning or manscaping, I’ll show you six different ways you can tame your underbrush using some familiar dining hall ingredients as a visual aid! Let’s get started: Continue reading

Made in Peirce: The Cookie Monster

cookie monster gif


Freshly baked cookies in Peirce? That equals a dessert dilemma. You thought you were spiffylicious when you grilled your cookies in the Panini press. Think again biatches. We’ve combined two of Pierce’s tastiest foods to make the ultimate dessert: a cookie-soft-serve sandwich. We call this little slice of brilliance “The Cookie Monster”. Follow these steps to make your own:

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