Peirce Hack: Just Don’t Go



A brief slice of food for thought. Next time you’re about to enter Peirce thinking about what mystery meat is on the table today or what vegetable-that’s-not-a-vegetable (I’m looking at you corn) is gonna be up for grabs this time, might I suggest taking a step back, doing a 180, and hightailing it to the nearest, I don’t know, Pop-Eyes or whatever.

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Peirce Hack: Cinnamon Apple Grilled Cheese

cinnamon-apple-butter-grilled-cheeseEven though the temperature is hovering around the 80s and Birkenstocks are still everyone’s shoe of choice, I can safely say that autumn is now upon us. While I’m a huge proponent of pumpkin spice everything and soup for every meal, my favorite fall snack is a crisp apple with, if I’m feeling a little extra festive, a sprinkle of cinnamon. The other day I wondered what would happen if I paired this with the timeless grilled cheese sandwich and not to brag, but this may be the Best Peirce Hack Yet.

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Peirce Hack: Pierce Your Ears in Peirce



Hello and welcome back to another Peirce Hack that you didn’t ask for but still received. Today, the only food item you need is an apple! Plus a sewing needle, lighter, cotton swab, and antibacterial solution. Yep, we’re piercing ears in Peirce!

Video and steps below the cut!!

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Peirce Hack: Thai Lettuce Wraps


look at that presentation!

When I go home for breaks, one of my favorite places to eat is a hole in the wall thai place called Thai Phooket; over spring break I went twice in the span of 6 days and understandably, I miss thai food when I come back to Kenyon. They say that if you love something, let it go, but I’d rather recreate my favorite dishes like how a widow will create an animatronic worthy of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride out of her husband’s corpse. The final product will never be as good as the original but at least there’s someone to blame for not paying the bills. Anyways, please enjoy attempting this recipe! It’s good, I swear!

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Peirce Hack: Rice Krispie Treat Sundae


rice krispies have lots of iron so this is healthy i think????

Ah, the Peirce dessert station. I’m continually grateful for your mini pies and never ending supply of dessert eggs, but sometimes a girl needs to switch it up. Although the dessert area often has Rice Krispies and other types of cereal bars, there’s nothing that can beat the melty, marshmallowy goodness of a freshly made Rice Krispie treat. While we’re still waiting for a microwave to arrive (@AVI Chris 👀), here’s a simple way to recreate the gooeyness of this dessert with added ice cream because why the hell not.

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Peirce Hack: Dessert Egg Deluxe


In the month and a half since I first introduced the world to the dessert egg, a lot has changed. I’ve ripped a hole in my favorite pair of jeans, I accidentally lost one of my friend’s most cherished shirts, and – perhaps most importantly – I’ve come to resent hard boiled eggs.

I know what you’re thinking – Kenda, of all people, tired of hard boiled eggs? I dunno what to tell you other than sometimes you plan on spending your whole life with someone and then a jerk called life comes along and rips the carpet from right under you. The weeks I spent without my once-invaluable dessert egg were tough. I felt like my muscles were weaker due to a lack of protein. I didn’t sleep. I cried a ton. I felt completely and  utterly alone.

But yesterday, a miracle happened. A group of friends and I gave my love for the dessert egg new life, and I’m here to share that love with you today. Dearly beloved, I present to you: Dessert Egg Deluxe. Continue reading