Actually Yummy Peirce Hacks: Wiggins Street Mocha


So, most of us drink coffee. The sweet, sweet bitter drink that makes you work like something has grabbed hold of your mind and shoved it into a bucket of water and electrocuted it. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, being on this good Episcopalian campus, we must walk down Middle Path at least a billion times a day, and on this walk we must pass Wiggin Street Coffee.

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Student Council Announces No Paper Cups Available Next Week


Student Council released a statement today announcing a new Earth Day-themed initiative. Read the full text below:

In observance of Earth Day, there will be no paper cups in Peirce from April 18th – 22nd.

This is a student council-sponsored initiative. Though we know this may not be a popular idea, we are committed to making concessions to make this campus a more sustainable place, we hope you’ll share our sentiment.  

In preparation for this weeklong event:

  • Leftover CHIP cups will be available outside of peirce during no cups week, first come, first serve
  • ECO/student council will do a final dish pick-up and sustain-a-mugs/cup drive on Sunday, April 17th (leave your Peirce dishes & mugs outside your room)!!!

What’s Going On with Peirce?


Peirce Hall. Via Twitter.

Paying for Peirce is required. There is no optional meal plan, which is a boon for some students and a burden for others. Perhaps there is the big spender who scrounges goods from the Market, Wiggin Street, Wal-Mart, or Kroger like a ground squirrel, but sooner or later everyone eats in Peirce.

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10 o’clock list: Plausible Peirce Pizza Creations

Pizza muffins apparently do exist elsewhere, as evidenced by my Google search. (via

God bless Peirce Hall. Behind those heavy wooden doors lies a world of culinary experimentation unsurpassed by the most modern molecular gastronomy. Recently, special attention seems to have been paid to the Hearth station, where Chef Meagan seems to enjoy concocting exciting pizza-themed starches, as exemplified by last semester’s pizza muffin, and last Friday’s pizza waffle. But why stop there? Here, I give my humble opinions for some delicacies that could tickle the pizza-prone palate of any college student.

1. Pizza semifreddo. This Italian dessert could translate into a three-part frozen mousse: marinara, mozzarella, and essence of Canadian bacon. Together they’d make a frozen concoction that could be served either on a big cookie, or a savory cracker!

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Seniors Reminisce: Food for Thought

It may not be Peirce's birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter '15)

It may not be Peirce’s 85th birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter ’15)

As I look back at my time here at Kenyon, I think about Peirce. I think about how maybe 75% of my overall time here has been spent at Peirce. If I played a meaningful montage of my college experience, it would probably just be a repeat scene of me laughing with friends in Peirce.* And while you might think that today’s Peirce is just the same as it always has been, then Think Again. Peirce Hall has grown with us over the years, so this is an homage to dishes gone by:

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Peirce Hall Horoscopes


Peirce Hall holds a very, very dear place in our hearts for a multitude of reasons. We can enter and exit the tall glass doors literally whenever want. We can eat for fake-free. The AVI staff are on our list for best people ever. But one aspect of Peirce Hall that isn’t always advertised is its mystical and psychic power. Legend has it that your most recent meal at Peirce says a lot about your future.

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