10 o’clock list: Best Places on Campus to Shoot a Porno

kenyon porno

I bet Zach and Miri wouldn’t have had any trouble finding a spot to shoot at Kenyon.

In my short time at Kenyon so far, I have deduced only two things for sure. The first: that Kenyon is a pretty damn picturesque place. The second: that Kenyon is down to fuck. Now imagine the epic combination of these two things. What do you get?

Kenyon’s Charming Aesthetic + Sex = Best Porn Ever

Don’t deny it. You’ve thought about it before. Unless you guys are lying on Kenyon Confessions, this campus is mega thirsty and frustrated. I would venture to say that the porn views per capita at Kenyon is quite high. Just walking around campus, it’s easy to scope out spots that would make a great setting for a porn vid. This place is chock full of them.

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