10 o’clock list: Places to “Honeymoon” After Getting Kenyon Married

As a first-year, I am merely an outside observer of the concept of “Kenyon Married”. I am the accidental child brought into an adult-only romantic dinner at the quirkiest all-inclusive resort of all time. Except instead of a resort, I am referring to our fine liberal arts institution.

I got here a little over a month ago, so it is understandable and expected for me to not be “Kenyon Married”, or even “Kenyon Engaged”. I would argue that this perspective puts me in a prime position to make unbiased suggestions about other people’s relationships.

Or maybe I’m just the strangest combination of a Hopeless Romantic and Jaded Writer Who Likes Making Fun of Things on the Internet to ever grace this site. 

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Do it tonight: Civility and Political Discourse

Come to Peirce Pub tonight to hear a lecture and participate in a discussion with Professor Fred Baumann. This event is hosted by Agora, “an organization dedicated to facilitating civil and robust discourse between students and professors.” Professor Baumann will give a brief introduction about the current state of civility in politics, which will then open up into a general group discussion. It should be a smashing good time.

  • What: The Current State of Civility in Politics lecture and discussion
  • When: Tonight, 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Peirce Pub

Do it tonight: Joan Soriano in Peirce Pub

Have you just realized that you have less homework tonight than you thought? Not really into the folky sounds of Mount Eerie but still looking for something musical to do tonight? Then come help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Joan Soriano, a Dominican guitarist who specializes in Bachata (a genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic). It runs from 8:00 – 10:00 in Peirce Pub.