10 o’clock List: What I’m Peirceful For This Year


Most of the time we try to keep it light-hearted over here at The Thrill, but I feel that now is the time of year to get real with our emotions. It’s Peircegiving time. The time of year when we hold our friends and their friends close, and tell everyone just how Peirceful we are for one another. In the spirit of the season, I’d like to give Peirces for just a few of the great many things that I am blessed to have in my life this Peircegiving time. Continue reading

Peircegiving Live Blog

Peircegiving Live Blog

Pre-Peircegiving: What are you Peirceful for? I’m Peirceful for the sweet promise of sleep, for asparagus, and free refills. I’m Peirceful for clearance sections, textbook buyback, and bad television, too. But you know what I’m most Peirceful for? Peircegiving, baby. Where I can chug as much smashed potatoes as my sinful little heart can tolerate.

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