How to Pronounce: “Peircegiving”

As stated so succinctly in Chef Meagan’s 2014 Peircegiving address: “what a sexy sight ;)” (via

You already know what it is! But in case you don’t, Peircegiving is the highly anticipated, annual autumnal feast that will be taking place in Peirce Dining Hall this Wednesday (tomorrow!) from 5-8 PM. Grab some friends, grab a table, and grab stock of your year so far and really think about what and who you’re thankful for as you funnel hot gravy and chilled cranberry sauce down your throat like a goose being forcefed corn in order to fatten its liver for foie gras!
(Ed. Note: that image is really sad and graphic and that type of farming is rly messed up, sorry about that, this Peircegiving i am thankful for ethical agriculture, ty and have a good break every1).

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10 o’clock list: 5 Ways Peircegiving is So Much Better Than My Actual Thanksgiving


I woke up this morning with butterflies. The bright white snow was glaring through my window and I knew that today was unlike all other days. Today is Peircegiving. As a senior I have gone through many phases with this beautiful Kenyon holiday. As a First-year I was frightened, as a Sophomore I was jaded and as a Junior I was appreciative yet relatively unenthusiastic. This year is different. This year is my last year and I can finally recognize what I have known subliminally all along…Peircegiving is incredible and it is undeniably better than my actual family Thanksgiving experience. Here’s why.  Continue reading

Weekend Drink: Peircegiving Blues

Where I'm going to live until 4o'clock next Friday

Where I’m going to live until 4 o’clock next Friday

Well, now that the glorious and delicious food coma that is Peircegiving has come and gone, people will begin the week-long trek to Thanksgiving break.  Everyone’s got a mountain of assignments, papers and projects to get done before they head off to go eat even more pumpkin pie than they previous thought was possible.  So whether you’re getting ready for Senior Soirée or  finding some liquid motivation to tackle that massive amount of reading you’ve been putting off the past month (I know all of you have some, don’t lie to me), here are a couple of drinks to tide you over until break:  Continue reading