Campus Cats with Cat



Cats are a central part of life here at Kenyon. Sometimes it seems like there are hundreds of little yellow or green eyes watching you on your late-night market runs. Other times, they’re nowhere to be found (especially when it’s raining). Some of them are friendly. Some are skittish, some are demons, and some are a mixed bag. Whatever their personalities may be, I think it’s safe to say that this is campus is their home, too. So, we should strive to treat them with kindness and give them the space they deserve! Here’s a guide to the most famous cats on campus (and whether or not they’re approachable). Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I’m not an art major; my cat doodles are shitty. Sorry about that.

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10 o’clock list: Pets you can have in your dorm

We may not be able to have these pets, but you betcha we can have cooler pets.

We may not be able to have these pets, but you betcha we can have cooler pets.

Sadly, the college does not allow us to have pets in our dorm rooms. Although you can try having a small goldfish that will die before Gambier’s first snowfall, being alone with no pets is a sad experience. Who will come running to you as you come home? Who will allow you to pet it if you are crying and upset? While we may not be able to have cats or hamsters, here are some options for those dealing with a pet void. Continue reading

Kenyon Pets: Titus the Bee

This is a bee. His name is Titus.

This is a bee. His name is Titus.

It all began when a simple bee flew in a window and into the Coke can of Lane Yates, ’18. Little did either of them imagine that they had begun a friendship of epic proportions. But so they had. The bee was named Titus, and his personality was staggering. Normally, Kenyon Pets features an interview with the pet itself, however in the interest of accuracy in journalism, I feel it necessary to note that Titus himself could not be present, as Yates, (at the prompting of Casey Harner, also ’18) had set his buzzing buddy free. Notwithstanding, stories like that of Titus are worthy of being shared. I sat down with Yates to learn more about their unlikely bond.

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10 o’clock list: Substitute Pets


That’s one squishy Squish!

The end of the semester is approaching, which means you probably haven’t been back to the motherland in a while. What do you miss most? Family? Psh. No. PETS! If finals week has got your goat, and if your pet withdrawal has led you to thinking, Get meow-t of here! I’m ready for summer neigh-cation! No more kitten around! Act now! Here are some alternatives to your faraway furry friends (no pet rocks allowed).  Continue reading

Kenyon’s Secret Zoo: An Interview with Student Pet Owners


Cecil the rat.

How do you gain temporary celebrity status on a college campus? Animals. Find one, walk one, ride one, become one. Whatever. Animals are synonymous with instant popularity. If you don’t have that feline feelin’ and aren’t ready to make the conversion to a stray cat, fear not. Whether you’re seeking stardom or simply going through fuzzy-wuzzy withdrawal, having a clandestine dorm pet seems to do the job. We talked to a few students to get a glimpse of life with a four-legged roommate.

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Do it today: Pet Blessing at the Church

A match made in heaven. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Today at 1:00 p.m. on the Church of the Holy Spirit lawn, Rev. Helen Svoboda-Barber will be available to bless all the pets of Gambier. It’s Saint Francis of Assisi day, and because Francis is the patron saint of animals, local residents will bring their furry friends by to receive a blessing for the coming year. Even if you don’t have a pet (which you shouldn’t unless it’s of the fish or small terrarium-dwelling types), you can drop by to have your stuffed animals blessed, or even just to watch all the other pets get blessed. Maybe some famous Kenyon Pets will be there!

The Secret Life of Gambier Feral Cats

Fun fact: I do not own Photoshop.

They’re a Kenyon staple, but how much do you really know about the animals onto which you displace the love of your own pets? Behind the treats and belly rubs on Middle Path lies a dungeon of Darwinian hierarchy and savage morals. The Thrill editors, risking their lives and dignity, travel to the parking lot behind Farr Hall to bring you the scoop. (Get it? Like litter box scoop. It’s funny. Ha.)

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