Kenyon Side Projects: P.F. Kluge and Doug Givens

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This interview was conducted and recorded by Janie Simonton ’15.

In 1999, P.F. Kluge and Doug Givens embarked on what they refer to as the “Knox County Motocross.” What began as simply driving the perimeter of the county, turned into an adventure that’s lasted almost sixteen years.

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Professors Like Being Mean

Not that this is news to any of you, but professors like being mean to their students. According to The Australian, some professors at RMIT University are up in arms about changes to a school policy that demands professional benevolence.  Did they read that P.F. Kluge piece? Seems like Kluge has friends down under.

Feel free to post about your most cruel and black-hearted professors anonymously in the comments. We know how you roll.