Quiz: Should You Call Your Grandma?

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Grandma’s are the worst, said nobody ever! Grandma’s are the zestiest, most wholesome, and oldest people in the world. They’re like your mother if she didn’t give a fuck. That being said, while calling Barb at the right time can be as satisfying as taking a bath, being on the phone at the wrong time can be as uncomfortable as taking a bath with your grandma. Take this quiz to find out if you should call, and don’t you dare leave a comment below (Seriously, please don’t, the Thrill punishes me for each comment I get).

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xWhatever: Figuring out Phone Extensions

Just be glad we’ve moved on from this!

We’ve all seen it, “Contact The Registrar, call x5121” or “Call Helpline! x5700” But what do these mysterious Xs in front of the numbers mean? How come when I dial that number I get nothing? I thought my iPhone was supposed to make my life easier, damnit, Siri, SIRI! Woah! Calm down, don’t worry, we at The Thrill have got you covered on these mysterious things called “phone extensions.” Continue reading

Public Service Announcement: A Guide to Kenyon Telephones

This is one call you don't want to answer. (bulletin.kenyon.edu)

Friends, we are now so fully enmeshed in the world of texting that we barely remember how to use our iPhones to make phone calls, let alone how to use a … landline. My eyes opened to this the other day, when a friend of mine expressed confusion about an RSVP number on a College invitation. “x5491? How do I call x5491?”* For those of you who don’t know, all Kenyon phone numbers begin with (740) 427-, and the x**** represents the last four of the number. When calling from a campus phone, simply dial the four-digit extension; when dialing from an off campus or cell phone, dial those four digits preceded by, again, (740) 427-.

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