The Monday Catchup


Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: It’s auction season in the fine art world, and as The New York Times reports, some auctions are over before they even begin. From the Times:

Thanks to the growing number of collectors willing to spend more than $25 million on a single Picasso or Rothko, along with the increasing perception of art as investment, this season more buyers are jumping at the chance to put bids in early, becoming what are called guarantors of desired works.

After The Jump: Ben Affleck is kicked out of a casino, Condoleezza Rice turns down a commencement invite, a tragic circus accident, Rand Paul ups his 2016 game, some amazing photos from Antarctica, and a potential ban on a new alcoholic substance.

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Old Kenyon: Scenes from Our Past

Courtesy of Greenslade Special Collections and Archives

Courtesy of Greenslade Special Collections and Archives

Kenyon has changed a lot over the years. Gund Commons wasn’t always a life-sucking locale for all-nighters: it was once a student-union. At one time, the Great Hall hosted dance weekends where young men and women would get together and bop to jazz. You might recognize these old time-y men playing baseball on south quad from a picture on the wall at the Village Inn.  Kenyon has seen everything from top hats and blazers to Frisbee bros and flare jeans, but in many ways, some things haven’t changed at all.

Check out more cool photos of old Kenyon (i.e. “Kenyon when it was older than it is now”) below!

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The Week in Pictures

It’s only our first week back, so things on campus aren’t quite back into full swing yet. Still, this week featured some important events and a beautiful snowstorm, so The Thrill wanted to share a few photos with this new weekly feature. (Ed.: Want your photos to be featured next week? Send them to with caption information.)

Assistant Professor of English Ivonne Garcia speaks at Monday's MLK Day of Dialogue forum. (Michael Reilly for the Office of Public Affairs)

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