Kenyon Mythbusters: Tunnel Under Middle Path?

This post was co-written by Thrill staff writers Matt Delbridge ’16 and Annaliese Milano ’16.


Imagine: it’s warm and sunny outside and due to the sudden influx of vitamin D, you’re skipping down Middle Path, Yellow Brick Road style. Being the graceful little swan that you are, you catch a toe and bite it—hard. Brushing off your dignity and plucking the gravel from your ass, you turn around to see what tripped you up. Ugh, of course, the little square that looks suspiciously like a trap door. Likeomigod it doesn’t even go here.

We know our besties at The Kenyon Collegian already debunked the rumor that there are tunnels under Middle Path, but we’re still not convinced. Some theories as to what’s really under there:

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