You Should Eat a Market Sandwich Right Now

Because I’m a first year, I’ve only been here at Kenyon for like a minute and a half. This means that I never knew the Cove, have only been to Fiesta a handful of times and only went to the Deli when I was here for a summer program. From what I have heard, we are in dire times as it pertains to the food situation in our humble village. While I don’t know anything else, I still feel kind of shortchanged.

But, the one thing that redeems it all, my truest gift here at Kenyon still stands: the market sandwich. Oh, wow, how I love you, market sandwich. You have come to me in my time of need without fail, never breaking for a meal at a weird time because I don’t just want a sandwich during Extendo.


me eating a market sandwich

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Give It a Rest, Deli

Seriously, Deli, seriously? Taking advantage of the hardship that is Lady Beetle-pocalypse 2011? A few weeks ago, I noticed that they had brought in chocolate Lady Bug candies to play off of the biblical infestation not seen since the days of Moses.  Now they have the audacity to bring in chocolate-covered marshmallows too?! It’s outrageous and I’m not going to take it anymore. Hey there, Deli, I’m not mad at you. I am mad at these damn Lady Beetles. Well, you know what … either they go or I go, and I’m going on record that I will go down in a blaze of glory.

Why the Hell is Lentz House Covered in Lady Bugs?

David Hoyt for The Thrill

First Gourdzilla, now this. It’s like the seven plagues of Egypt! There have been lady bugs all over campus today, and several have landed on me, but they seem to have chosen Lentz as their capital. With any other insect this would be terrifying, but because they’re lady bugs it’s half terrifying/half delightful. Anyway, I, for one, welcome our insect overlords.