10 o’ clock List: Unsolicited advice from your mother, or unsolicited advice you give your mother?


Parents weekend is truly a time. A moment in time. A collection of moments in time which we call collectively a weekend. What a nice invention that humans made. They made the week and then they said, heck, we have this dangling clump of time like a juicy juicy Golden Delicious and we gotta do something with it, heck, or else nothing will be done with it. Someone said we can call it the end! And everyone agreed that was a terrible idea. But because the guy who suggested that was just so very pathetic everyone decided to squish the week and the end together and call it a weekendWhat should we do with it? a voice rose from the crowd. In a peal of genius, somebody responded nothing. A wave of spearmint feeling fell over the universe.

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Politely Unsubscribe from Dis-Lists

Ah, fall semester, who could have guessed there'd be so many terrible consequences?

Ah, fall semester, so many bad decisions, so many regrets.

The beginning of the year was like the beginning of a party, and as you entered the activities fair every club seemed just as promising as every human looks at an Old Kenyon Party. Full “beer-goggles” on, you put your name down for everything. Ducks for the Republicans? Sign me up. Or were you fooled by the condoms and candy the Health Center was giving out? In your excitement to sign up for the Kenyon DJs, did you also not realize your rambunctious friend was also signing you up for Paws against Humanity? Well, regardless you now have more emails in your box than D-Cat himself, and although it’s just February it’s time for some spring-cleaning.

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Campus QTree: Tall Green Pine Looking Guy

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.33.18 AM

Well, it’s November again. Sweaters are no longer optional. Thanksgiving is looming and the campus trees have officially come out to play. Lucky for you all, that means that it’s time for The Thrill to pick up on our exciting feature where we spotlight a dashing yet suave tree that is currently making our walk to Peirce a bit more exciting. This week we would like to introduce to Tall Green Pine Looking Guy. Get ready to be charmed.

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