How Different Kenyon Buildings Will Vote in the 2020 Election


Ascension is the epitome of tradition. It is one of the oldest standing buildings on campus and it exemplifies gothic revival architecture. Ascension reminds me of a wealthy grandpa. If he is not at the country club, he is sitting in his mahogany Adirondack chair on the veranda judging those who pass by without their shirts tucked in. He is definitely very conservative and will be voting for Trump.

Old Kenyon

Old Kenyon is like the problem child of the family. Today’s Old K is the resurrection of the original built in the 19th century. This Old K dabbles in housing many different greek orgs and other various groups as well as formerly hosting many all campus parties (back when it was safe to do so). I think the chaotic energy of the bullseye rooms speak for themselves, Old K is an anarchist.

KAC/Lowry Center

Everything about the KAC, or as it is now known the Lowry Center, screams modernity. A non-Kenyon friend of mine once said it looks like the wing of an airplane. I believe the KAC is either the embodiment of radical revolution and sweeping changes, or, the symbol of America’s millionaires and billionaires. I’m not entirely sure which beliefs truthfully represent this building but I’m willing to bet the KAC will vote blue this election cycle.


If there’s one building that I know is socialist, it’s Peirce. Peirce strives to make sure everyone gets an equal amount of food. No one is allowed to go over their allotment of two enchiladas. We know that Pierce wants to support its workers and give them acceptable working conditions. Peirce is also always home to drives that work to support charities. Peirce considered writing in Bernie, but will vote for Biden.