Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Winner!

xj2ls5nwtte-bzr9euzrewmva3-gshoxnmpti37iuzd3ogvgvvhfjnrf6xpteu50zl8idhtsxv7zlw-khcje-ye8x0xxonvjjayrtwaidrfcnyacxibwyd61wbdcygk8nb7ta1gw1u5navsrdpnxblfge1bwf1or1cumvas0-d-e1-ftWe asked you to weigh in on your Deb Ball favorites, and with a staggering 130 votes, Kyle Fisher ’16 has claimed the crown. Congratulations, Kyle — email to collect your prize. (Spoiler alert — it’s a warm beer. Because this is Ohio — if you don’t have a brewski in your hand, you might as well be wearing a dress.)

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Poll: What Did You Do During The Internet Blackout?

The Internet is back after a five-hour outage, and some of us (me) are a little shamefaced about how frantic we got last night (passing the Market around 8 p.m., I mused “Wow, I bet lines are going to be out the door,” at which point a friend reminded me that an Internet blackout is not the same thing as an actual blackout, and people don’t tend to start stocking up on canned goods and bottled water simply because they can’t get onto Hulu to watch “The Only Way is Essex.”)

Maybe you’re a better person than me and don’t feel quite as incapacitated by a five-hour loss of high-speed WiFi — maybe you’re not. Either way, sound off below!

The Results Are In: Panini Press for Pope!

Tough break, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

Tough break, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

Send up the white smoke, because the people have spoken and it looks like once again, the almighty Peirce Panini Press is Kenyon’s leader of choice.Between taking over the Kenyon presidency and ascending Pope Benedict XVI’s heavenly throne, the Panini Press is going to have a pretty hectic business year: make sure to get your fill of pressed English muffins now, before His Holy Panininess is dispatched to the Vatican. Continue reading

Poll: Who Should Be The Next Pope?

There’s been a flurry of media coverage recently about the search for possible replacements to ascend the throne of Pope Benedict XVI when he retires next week. Since we at the Thrill have a long and illustrious history of suggesting possible presidential candidates, we decided to help expedite the process with a little poll of our own. See you at the papal conclave, bitches.

Kenyon: Brought to You by Apple?

The iPhone -- Kenyon's true mascot?

It’s a dedicated reader indeed who voluntarily conducts a poll in Peirce during the chaos of prime dinner-rush hours.

Luckily for us, that’s exactly what Sarah Krumholz ’13, Lily Bullitt ’13 and Chloe Irwin ’13 did a few nights ago, and they were generous enough to pass their results on to The Thrill.

The three seniors’ survey was born out of a casual conversation about the abundance of iPhones at Kenyon, and, as they explained via email, “We wanted to put some numbers behind the discussion, so we asked everyone sitting in Old Side and New Side Peirce whether or not they had an iPhone.”

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