HOW! [Updated]

Kenyon students do love their poop jokes!

Update 2: As it turns out, The Thrill was taken in by a very convincing Photoshop job. The vandalism was not real. We apologize for the error and for not more carefully authenticating the validity of the website screenshot before posting.

Update: Asked about the vandalism, Vice President of Library and Information Services Ron Griggs said in an email, “Our staff is investigating but we don’t have anything to report yet.”

The Kenyon website was apparently hacked this evening. If you look closely, you will notice that “Library of Poop” appears instead of the usual “Library,” and the joke is repeated several times. Six in total. Even though the “error” was fixed in a rather timely matter, mad props to whoever pulled this one off.

Look to Olin/Chalmers Library’s twitter page for more updates.