Housing Lottery Nightmares: Second to Last Pick in the Entire College


You probably saw a Thrill post a couple weeks ago about the two people with best and worst lottery numbers meeting and having a polite but ultimately sad conversation in Peirce. Remember how bad you felt for #1335? You’re about to get a whole lot sadder!

Abigail Saltzman ’20 and Cat Smith ’20 are currently roommates in Norton, and have been planning to live together as sophomores for quite a while. They had reasonable aspirations, or so they thought. Having enjoyed the all-female Norton this year, they were hoping for a spot in Bushnell, a typically sophomore dorm with a similar atmosphere.

What ended up happening was worse than they could have ever imagined. Cat and Abigail were the second to last pair of roommates to pick their housing in the entire school. Luckily, they lived to tell the tale.

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