Sad Robot EP by Dr_nothings

Sad Robot EP by Dr_nothings
via bandcamp

via Dr_nothings’ bandcamp

the cat’s in the bag and the bag’s in the river

A voice slinks in over a creeping 6/4 groove, riddled with a celestial “oooh,” or “(( 。o O o 。o O o h ))” as Dan Rasch ’14 writes on his Bandcamp page.

With the coming of 2014, Dan Rasch, aka Dr_nothings, slipped his five song EP, Sad Robot, onto the web. A year in the making, the EP shows careful dedication not only to crafting each song in a unique fashion, but also engineering a myriad of different sounds that coalesce into blankets of complex music. Continue reading

A Weekend Playlist, For Weekends

R BYou know what it is.

Gentle Ladies and Lords, we have arrived. The semester is in full swing: we’ve sorted out how much time per day (roughly) we should spend in Club Olin/Gund/Ascension/Quad, seen at least one or two people who’ve gone abroad (as well as caught them up on current student music, of course), we’ve already fallen behind on reading but Willows was playing a surprise show in Caples Wednesday night so we totally had to go instead of doing work, &c. &c.

But perhaps most importantly, weekends at Kenyon are a thing again. Let us rejoice – and throw on this musical guide to your weekend!

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Ryan Chapin Mach Releases New LP, Dishes on Auto-Tune and Generational Vapidity

Cover art by Peter Falls ’14.

When I first met Ryan Chapin Mach, he could usually be found in McBride 315, recording lo-fi indie-pop and Bob Dylan covers with little more than a laptop, a guitar, a Casio keyboard-cum-drum-machine, and his larynx.

Two years have elapsed since then.  This past December 2nd, 2012, Ryan uploaded 14 new songs to his Bandcamp – by no means an unexpected occurrence, to be sure – yet from their overall sense of polish, coherence, and deliberate track ordering, I think it’s safe to say we can call this an honest-to-god album.

Or, if you want to make Ryan happy, you could call it Just Hanging.  I think that’s what he’d prefer.

(Intrigued? Full review and some quotes from the man himself after the jump…) Continue reading

Middle Path Style: A Pop of Color

As the weather gets progressively drearier and the sky is at a stagnant shade of grey, Kenyon students are fighting back against the gloom and bringing bold colors and patterns onto Middle Path. Muted colors and earthy tones are paired with that hint of color that brings everything together. A surprise bright yellow shoe or vibrant patterned scarf can do wonders for the pre-finals week anxiety. Here is what fashion photographer Kate Klausner observed on campus this week.

Iggee Tianci Hu '15

Iggee Tianci Hu ’15

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Student Music Envoys: Addie Pray, The BFGs, The Laurels, Sarah White

So my little brother is in a band and takes making music very seriously. And now that he’s a senior in high school, he’s super pumped to go to a school like Wesleyan/Oberlin/NYU that’s reputed for having lots of hip young people making cool sounds. To which I have said: “shut up, you’re coming to Kenyon.”

But frealz. Regardless of my brother’s particular undergraduate choice, the main point to be made here is that we go to a school full of awesome student musicians (see above link), a fact I think we don’t get enough credit for. And a handful of them have some new sounds for you, which you may play, download, buy, etc. (as the case may be) after the jump!

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