The Friday Ketchup


It’s Friday night. You’re at a party dancing the night away when all of a sudden you see them. You know who I’m talking about. That one you always seem to make eye contact with in the library, the one who you sometimes dream about but have never actually talked to. You tell yourself that there’s no way someone like that would ever be into you, that it will never be more than an unrequited crush. But, suddenly, you realize they’re making their way towards you. Their eyes look straight at yours. You can feel your heart pounding, and somehow you can hear it above the music. They’re only a few feet away now. They grab you tight, start dancing with you. It’s as if all else fades away and it’s just the two of you, alone. You may have been dancing for hours, or maybe just minutes; you can no longer tell. They lean in so their face is nearly touching your cheek. You can feel their warm breath on your neck. They put their lips close to your ear and, in a voice so soft you can barely hear it, whisper, “It’s the Friday Ketchup.”  Continue reading

The Monday Catchup

Vladimir PutinGood morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: As the Obama administration hands out more financial sanctions meant to combat Russia’s influence-seeking behavior in Ukraine, The New York Times asks: but what if Vladimir Putin is secretly super-rich? The Times (and apparently some folks at the Treasury) seem to think Putin could be worth up to $70 billion, making him the wealthiest head of state ever. I wonder how the Queen feels about all of this.

After The Jump: New job numbers, a Holocaust acknowledgement, A Pope canonizes two of his predecessors, South Korea’s PM resigns, the US waves bye to the death penalty, and the latest from the NBA Clippers (owner) controversy.

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The Results Are In: Panini Press for Pope!

Tough break, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

Tough break, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

Send up the white smoke, because the people have spoken and it looks like once again, the almighty Peirce Panini Press is Kenyon’s leader of choice.Between taking over the Kenyon presidency and ascending Pope Benedict XVI’s heavenly throne, the Panini Press is going to have a pretty hectic business year: make sure to get your fill of pressed English muffins now, before His Holy Panininess is dispatched to the Vatican. Continue reading