What Alumni Miss about Kenyon

With graduation two weeks away, seniors are preparing to say goodbye to the Hill and their time here. Some may be counting down the days with excitement, others with deep existential dread. Above all, these weeks bring a time of reflection on the memories made in their four years. What comes to mind are big moments like First-Year Sing or Senior Soirée, but there are also little moments and details of Kenyon that go unnoticed only until one leaves the Hill. There are smells, sounds, and feelings that don’t exist outside of Kenyon, but it’s hard to put those into words while we’re still here. So, we asked alumni to think deep back into the pockets of their memory and share with us their small moments of nostalgia. The things they didn’t expect to miss about Kenyon, but found themselves longing for anyway. Hopefully, for us still here, we can take a moment to realize these taken for granted aspects and relish them while we can. Below are responses from Alumni.

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10 o’clock list: Porches on Campus

Ryan Gosling can really appreciate a good porch. (image via 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Whether you’re on a stoop, a patio or a porch, this is the perfect time of year to sit and whittle and watch the world go by. BuzzFeed and Forbes List have ranked us as “beautiful” and “Harry Potter-y,” but both of these sources have failed to mention that Kenyon is the best because of its porches. All of the porches listed below are open communal spaces where you can hang out outside with the benefit of still being under a roof. So pull up a rocking chair next to a friend named Clem and be prepared to shake your fist to tell those damn kids to get off your lawn, because it’s time that the porches on campus got some recognition.

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