Josh Radnor’s Music and Drawing What I Feel


I would say that I am the Thrill’s resident Alumni Stalker. I Facebook messaged John Green for months on end (always being left on read) and I have Josh Radnor’s tweets on alert. Once he even directly responded to me! To cut to the chase, I don’t know if most normal people know this, but Josh Radnor has a band. Yes, you heard me correctly. He and a pal write three to four minute songs with titles like “It’s Yours Once You Give it Away” and “Still Though We Should Dance”.

You know when that kid from your high school tries to become a SoundCloud rapper and you’re like, haha, thank goodness we weren’t friends and thus I can’t be associated with him? This is like that, except you chose this. You chose to be grouped with the man who willingly made this video: Continue reading

How to Get Employed

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Why go to the CDO when you have a bonafide expert on getting hired right here at the Thrill? I’ve been stupid employed for the past, like, five summers. I mean, I guess Scott Layson and his crew might be able to help you, but come on, who wants to walk all the way to Gund Commons to get career advice?*

Have a sick Facebook page: If you want to get hired, make sure your employers know what a baller you are. Start by going to your Facebook settings and making your profile open to the public. Now upload photos of you doing some cool sh*t. Ever shotgun a beer on South Quad? Profile picture! Nobody is going to hire someone who can’t be a boss inside and outside of the office. Make sure it’s Facebook too and not LinkedIn; as I learned from TV, that website screams cellphone holsters.

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Flash Review: Post Grad

Photocred: Facebook.

Photocred: Facebook.

Have you ever watched the television show Girls and thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if they all just burst into song?” No? Just me? Don’t worry–musical theater has a long, rich history of giving viewers everything they had no idea they wanted: Russian Jews singing about arranged marriages? Check. Cheery Austrian governesses singing to escape the Nazi menace? Check. People pretending to be cats pretending to be cats that act like people? Check. Post Grad, a wonderful new musical written by Beth Hyland ’13 and directed by Emma Miller ’15, is similarly unexpected, but singularly soulful and charming.

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