10 o’clock list: 5 Everyday Activities to Pregame

Next time you're planning you pregame, consider pregaming these activities!

Next time you’re planning you pregame, consider pregaming these activities!

Over winter break, my parents asked me what the presence of alcohol was like on Kenyon’s campus. I was candid – I said it definitely has a strong presence on the weekend but by no means is it mandatory in order to have a good time. But something I’ve noticed is how Kenyon students have an amazing capability to go hard as a FREAKING maniac and then tear it up in Club Olin the next morning. But if anyone feels the urge to combine Saturday night with a late Tuesday morning, here are five mundane things sitting on your to-do list that could be jazzed up with a full glass of wine beforehand.

1. Laundry – Imagine reaching into the dryer and hugging your warm, soft laundry against your face as two shots of cheap ass vodka warms you up from the inside. I can only hope it would feel like being hugged from every possible angle.

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