Why Whiteness? A Statement from President Decatur


This post was guest-written by President Decatur

In light of media reports in recent days, several alumni, parents, and other friends of the College have asked me a series of questions: “Why does the campus need a study group on whiteness?” “Can’t you and the campus move beyond obsessions with race and diversity?” I believe that the cursory stories in the media have it wrong, and I don’t think we can address the disconnect without serious examination of issues of race in the U.S. and how that influences life on campus. Continue reading

President Decatur Responds to Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

Yesterday (Saturday January 28th), at 6 p.m, President Decatur issued a statement responding to President Trump’s Muslim Immigration ban which would effect numerous immigrants with green cards or visas from seven different countries. In short, President Decatur said he would not condone “walling ourselves off into an isolated bubble.” and while the college is not required to report the immigration status of any students, they will be seeking legal counsel to ensure that it remains this way.
President Decatur’s full statement can be read below.

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A (Sort of) Comprehensive Guide to Campus Celebrities

By the way, Kenyon is in Knox County.

By the way, First Years, Kenyon is in Knox County. (From left to right: Mike Durham, Meredith Harper Bonham ’92, Sean Decatur, Hoi Ning Ngai and Bam Bam the Cat.)

Confused by the vast number of faculty members sending you email after email about open class seats and music lessons? Upset by the sheer volume of smiling adult faces you’ve attempted to impress over the past 72 hours? Feeling lost due to an overwhelming sense of displacement, but unable to reach out for guidance because you simply don’t know who to trust?

Me too, friend. These feelings don’t go away with time.

BUT! If you’re looking for the low-down on Kenyon’s key players, I’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in a calming pool of sweet, sweet information. You’ll thank me when you’re older. Continue reading

BREAKING: President Decatur Addresses Cove Shutdown

In an email sent  to the student body earlier this morning, President Sean Decatur answered  questions about the shut down of the Gambier Grill, colloquially known as the Cove. President Decatur claims that an agreement between the college and Andy Durbin (the owner of the Cove) has been in the works for quite some time, as Durbin made it clear he no longer wanted to run the restaurant. The college offered several “financial incentives” to Durbin in order to keep the Cove open until the end of the school year; however, Durbin rejected these offers and announced this weekend that the Cove’s doors were closing.

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SHOCKING: We Found D-Cat’s House

photo 2 (4) One of the things that was important to me during my tenure as Editor in Chief was to get to the bottom of one of Kenyon’s biggest mysteries: where does D-Cat live? One minute I see him on campus, the next I don’t. Wtf. All semester, we’ve been working tirelessly, taking turns to trail him, his kids, his dogs, in order to get some kind of inkling of where exactly he goes at the end of the day. It’s been a long process, but it wasn’t in vain. I’m pleased to present this scoop to the campus community: D-Cat lives in… Continue reading