Is This a Nude Painting of the Nuge? (Okay, Probably Not. But Maybe?)

Last week, I holed up in the third floor-Smather study lounge, all set to make a dent in my poli-sci reading. Unfortunately, though, as so often happens when examining polling data from the 1932 election, my mind — and eyes — soon began to wander. Imagine my surprise when I spotted this gem hanging on the wall:

Maybe I just have a sick mind, but … the cropped hair. The earrings. The petite yet powerful frame. And come on, it’s titled “The Nude.” Awfully close to “The Nuge,” hmm? Let’s put it to a little Rorschach test.

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President Nugent Weighs In on Stepping Down


After 10 years, seven buildings and 3,597 graduates, President S. Georgia Nugent announced on Monday that she will be stepping down at the close of the 2012-2013 academic year. Interviewed shortly after her announcement, she said it was a decision three years in the making. “I just kind of had a philosophical feeling that 10 years is a good amount of time to lead an organization,” Nugent told the Thrill. “My idea was that any leader comes with strengths and biases and blind spots and they do what they can do best and … after about 10 years … it makes sense for the organization to have different leadership.”

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Kenyon & Sodexo: The Story So Far

President S. Georgia Nugent issued her first statement on the College’s proposed contract with Sodexo today. (via

This afternoon, President S. Georgia Nugent made her first official statement on the College’s plan to outsource its maintenance management to Sodexo. In a long Q&A, Nugent attempted to dispel the rumors which have been circulating in the week since the College’s announcement. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Sodexo?
The French firm, which was founded in 1966, is “the leading provider of integrated food and facilities management services in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico” serving “10 million consumers in 6,000 locations every day,” and they employ nearly 380,000 people in 80 countries, according to company publicity materials.

In an interview with The Thrill this morning, Nugent cited the organization’s size as one of its chief appeals. “The size and range of Sodexo means that they have a very broad base of experience and resources. I believe they contract with approximately 800 colleges and universities in America. And so if part of what you’re trying to do is gain access to broader experience and resources, that kind of reach is an advantage.”

What is the proposal?
When United Electrical Workers, Machine and Radio Workers of America (UE) Local 712, Kenyon’s maintenance union, entered contract negotiations on June 5, they were informed that the College was in the final stages of signing a partnership with Sodexo that would give that firm managerial control over Kenyon’s maintenance operations. Nugent cautioned, however, that “one fact that is sometimes being overlooked in this discussion is that we are employing [Sodexo]; they’re not employing us. If we are not happy with the services or the practices of that organization, we won’t continue to employ them.”

Will anyone lose his or her job?
“The contract specifies that no positions will be lost,” Nugent said.

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President Nugent Currently in Cuba With Alumni Association

To those calling for a response to the Sodexo controversy from President S. Georgia Nugent:

As we’ve reached out to Nugent for comment, we have learned that she’s currently out of the United States and in Cuba on an Alumni Association trip. We can assume she left her beret behind.

Save some pressed Cuban sandwiches for us!