Presidential Nickname Search 2013


For the first time in 10 years, Kenyon College will be graced with the presence of a new President, Sean M. Decatur.  But what really goes into becoming the President of Kenyon College?  Is it a Capital Campaign? New buildings? Faculty relations? Actually, it is none of the above.  It is the nickname.  We have been using the ubiquitous “Nuge” for years, but what will we call Sean M. Decatur?  Could a man of his stature really stand to go nicknameless? No. So in the spirit of the month of March, we are going to do this bracket-style.  We, as a college, will select the moniker of our newly minted President.  The bracket will be released this Friday — to create it, we need your suggestions.  Far be it from the Thrill Staff to take it upon themselves to bequeath such an important title.  Send all suggestions to, and remember, keep it short and sweet.