Queer 101: Coming Out

Happy National Coming Out Day! Coming out is something that every queer-identifying individual must face at some point in their lives. It’s nerve-wracking, freeing, terrifying, and it takes an enormous amount of courage to do. Today, we have stories from various Kenyon students about their experiences with coming out.

“Because I’m kind of “girly” (i.e: pretty much everything I own is pink and I dressed up as Tinkerbell last Halloween), I often run into the problem of people assuming I’m straight. That’s why the phrase “Actually, I’m Gay” became my best friend when I started coming out this past summer. Maybe one day I’ll change my aesthetic, but for now, I’m gonna stick to the frilly dresses. I like them a lot, and (as we all know) nobody should have to change what they like if they don’t want to” – Caitlyn March ’19

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The Queer Alumni are Here to Rock Our World

So rainbow. So gay. All my dreams are alive.

So rainbow. So gay. All my dreams are alive.

You’ve heard the whispers and murmurs throughout campus. You’ve wondered, could this really be happening here? At our little cornfield oasis? The answer is yes, friends. The queer alumni (or GALA as they call themselves) are coming, and they are going to rock our world with all the sweet events that are happening on campus this weekend. Continue reading