How to Be a Person: Using the New Printers

Introducing your new best friend

For those of you who are not readers of student-infos or patrons of our fair library, Olin and Chalmers Library is now home to three new printers. That’s right, you read that correctly: shiny new printers that are easy to use and won’t jam are the way of the future at Kenyon. Currently the library is home to three test printers, one across from the Circ desk, one behind Helpline, and one on the third floor near the periodicals–but all the old Canon printers will be replaced by the new Ricoh models come this January.

While new technology can be exciting, it is also intimidating; read on for instructions for these new machines. Continue reading

This is When a Horrible Math Class is Going to Force You to Hand in Your Paper Late

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Classes in the Roth (aka Peirce) computer lab are the bane of every social science and humanities majors’ existence. Every single time you leave printing your paper until the last ten minutes before class and rush down from lunch to attempt to connect to the network and unjam the printer in between executing final punctuation edits, there is a dumb economics class occupying the computer lab. We can (You Will) see that Kenyon is catering to the STEM set, but English majors need A’s too! Let us print!

As an attempt to buoy the Grade Point Averages of the least important members of community, here is a reproduction of the Roth Lab schedule.

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Printing Tips, or “How to Make Your Life Easier”


As our weeks of hard work slowly draw to a close and we try to print those final projects, it is important to remember that assault and destruction of private property are crimes. In the interest of keeping Kenyon students on the right side of the law, let me offer a few unofficial Helpline tips on printing at Kenyon to make your life a little bit easier and your mental breakdowns fewer over the next few weeks. Continue reading

ECO Tip of the Week: Printers Are Out to Get You

This post comes to us courtesy of  Kenyon ECO ( Environmental Campus Organization).



This week marks the debut of the Kenyon ECO’s new project, No Waste November! This week ECO will also be collecting all discarded paper in the library printer stations and putting it on display in Olin Atrium. Make sure you check it out! Every week this month ECO will tackle a different type of waste on campus–beginning with paper saving printing tips. Continue reading