If Procrastination Was a Month, It Would Be November

Ah, November. The month when I, like so many other students, will be scrambling to complete assignments that I should have done a long time ago. I’m definitely forgetting other things that I should’ve gotten started by now, especially with Halloween being over and done with.

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10 o’clock list: Five Things That Aren’t Just You, So It’s All Okay


Kenyon is small and there are always people around, but it is natural to feel like a plastic bag drifting on the wind, ready to start again. When you feel this feeling, perhaps it would help you to know that you are not the only one. There are certainly those things that seem like little “haha, fuck yous” that the Kenyon universe reserves for you and you alone. You slip in a mud puddle on Middle Path. You accidentally address your professor as “Dad” in passing, and then quietly curse the gods as you walk away from the interaction. We’re here to tell you that it’s not just you, in case that helps. You are not alone when:

1. You wake up and realize all the work you have been putting off has to get done today. That thing where you “Go to bed early” so that you can “Wake up early and do work”. Many students at Kenyon awoke to their alarms this morning, with a collective mental chorus of “…fuuuck.” Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 Reasons to Apply to Write for the Thrill

This photo somehow applies to this article, and you should apply for the Thrill.

This photo somehow applies to this article, and you should apply to write for the Thrill. (image via assets.nydailynews.com)

Have you ever thought about writing for The Thrill? Well, you have now because you just read that question and now you can’t deny that I’ve gotten those wheels turning. So now that you’ve started Step 1 of the application process (which is “Thinking about Maybe Applying”), I’m here to tell you why you should probably move on to Step 2 (“Applying”).

You might still be skeptical, or else you’re doing that thing where you kindly tell me “Haha, yeah I’ll think about it” and then not apply. But I want you to know that I’m for real about this, and here are 5 reasons you should apply to write for The Thrill today: Continue reading

How to Netflix Your Way Through Finals


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If you’re like me, your fried study-brain cannot get enough of your parents’ Netflix account. Endless episodes of 30 Rock? Three seasons of Bob’s BurgersBut I’m a Cheerleader? Who could ask for more? But if your finals week guilt is starting to catch up to you, watching television in bed while eating strange snacks and ignoring the paper for English class you’re supposed to turn in tomorrow at 4 p.m. (I mean, hypothetically speaking) can be a dangerous game. To try to eliminate that growing pit of despair that has taken ahold of my guilty heart, I decided to find some Netflix selections that are finals week-relevant. Who says studying can only come from books and academic journals? Television can be just as educational!

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