10 o’clock list: Worst Excuses for Finals Week

roomba cat

Don’t let finals week smack you in the face.

It’s that time again…crunch time — which also happens to strangely coincide with failed hard drives, sudden illnesses, and sometimes amnesia. Weird. Look — everybody faces finals week. However, not everybody comes out unscathed. If you’re in need of some reprieve this week and must take a little artistic license with your excuses — we feel you — but you may want to consider what you shouldn’t say before you fire off those emails.

1. You’ve fallen and you can’t get up. Kenyon’s campus is a weeee little bit slippery at the moment. However, you taking tumble which caused you not only to get a concussion but also resulted in you empaling yourself on a fire hydrant is unlikely. What’s more unlikely is that you would be able to whip out your phone/laptop to send an email off about it. Nice try.  Continue reading

Faculty Rap Names: Your Professor’s Secret Past as a Straight-Up G


What/what/what/what? You thought your professors were some vanilla-ass intellectu-fools? Well you better think again because lil’ Sing Sing aka Sassy W might just be teaching your history of India class. And who knew Ragin’ C Mastastrangelove was coordinating your student activities? Now for a brief introduction to the underground rap community that you never knew we had.

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