A Host and Prospie Reunited


Nell’s and Sarah’s reunion was very reminiscent of the four Hobbits reuniting in Rivendell (via photobucket.com)

Last fall, Sarah Jensen ’18 decided to sign up to host prospective students.  One of these prospies, Nell Conover ’19, ended up coming to Kenyon.  They’ve ended up as friends, so I decided to reach out to them and ask a few questions about the time they’ve spent together last year and now this year as peers.  We sat in the library atrium and chatted for a while. Continue reading

Prospie Legends: What I Thought Kenyon Would Actually be Like


Having an older sibling attend Kenyon before me, the college has been a part of my life long before I had the pleasure of meeting any sort of Forbes or Fiske’s.  Although I grew up in a college town, visiting my brother as a sophomore, junior, and senior in high school were my first real interactions with formalized education as an institution/no parents, No Rules. I managed, over a period of a few years, to visit for probably a solid (non-consecutive) week-and-a-half. This also means that I never have been on an official, honest to goodness, prospective-students-come-bring-ya-parents-you-can-hold-this-Kenyon-themed-umbella-if-it’s-raining campus tour. So therefore, my knowledge of Kenyon before coming was extensive if not extremely specific and incredibly subjective to my brothers’ activities on campus. So here are some of the things I took for granted as being 100% true of absolutely ALL Kenyon students as a prospie. Continue reading

How to Pretend to be a Prospie

Prospie HQ (via Wikipedia)

Prospie HQ (via Wikipedia)

Prospies.  We all can recognize them as a prospie when we encounter one on Middle Path.  But, have you ever wanted to blend in with the masses of prospies and observe Kenyon through their eyes?  Fortunately, I work at Admissions, so I can give you some tips on being the perfect prospie.

  1. Wait in the Fusion Line – Prospies always wait in the fusion line, no matter how long it is or what is being served.  Students, at least for the most part, will only bother waiting in line if it is something amazing or just omelets. Continue reading

Where Did My Prospie Go?

Little Tiffy had a great time. (Photo art by Hanna Washburn ’14.)

It feels like only yesterday (it was yesterday)  that the severy was jammed with hundreds of little Tiffanys and Jimmys.*  Wide-eyed, sticky, and searching for a tray, this fresh batch of potential Kenyon students really added some much needed novelty to our beginning of the week funk. But now, the absence of these awkward, yet at times bold (a.k.a. that one girl in Quest for Justice), high schoolers have left some us wondering: “where did all the prospies go?”

Continue reading

10 o’clock list: How to Recognize A Prospie

In honor of prospie season, tonight’s list is a guide to recognizing those high school juniors and seniors that seem to infiltrate our peaceful hilltop in droves this time of year.

Ransom Hall, the place where dreams come true. (via Wikimedia Commons)

  1. Parents — You can always tell a prospie by the gaggle of middle-aged adults hovering around them. On the tour, they might ask questions like, “What is the drinking/drug culture like here? What’s your least favorite thing about Kenyon? What’s your social life like?” And in the end they’ll embarrass their son/daughter. “Jimmy/Tiffany*,  why aren’t you asking any questions? Come on, get closer to the tour guide. Oh Jimbo/Tiffy, this looks just like those Harry Potter movies!” Continue reading