We Are Proxies With A Lot of Moxie


Welcome to a foray into the spring housing lottery as told by two successful yet vaguely traumatized housing proxies. The spring housing lottery is the dreaded event where students who are currently at Kenyon attempt to get good housing (some kind of apartment) for their friends and/or enemies that are currently abroad. The lottery took place in the Gund Game Room, a sick and twisted location mainly because it was NOT a game. All of the abroad broads and gents were given a time slot when their proxies had to rush in and fight (in an orderly fashion) for their desired housing. Kaitlyn Burd ‘15 (non-Thrill writer) and Izzy Sanderson ‘15, Thrill editor, were a daring pair of housing proxies. Read on for their evaluations of the day where the odds were in nobody’s favor. Continue reading