Weekend Drink: Gambier’s Hottest Club Is…

It’s going to be hot and smelly, folks. Via blogdailyherald.com

Well, when hosting an all-campus party, the Delt Lodge suddenly becomes its own, very humid and sweaty biosphere, so temperature-wise, this probably is Gambier’s hottest club. Though, that the Phi Kapp party in Old K will be any less sweaty is Delta Tau Doubtful. So go to both parties. Maybe someone will Phi Kapp-ture your heart. Here’s a drink to help you cool off: Continue reading

Weekend Drink: Liquid Layer Punch

via blog.hostthetoast.com

via blog.hostthetoast.com

Well, here we are again everybody. Another semester, another long slog through the icy gray of winter for us all. Soon we’ll all be ankle deep in snow, trudging down Middle Path like extras from Dr. Zhivago. But, as with many a Russian peasant (seriously, Russians love booze so much it basically created the Russian Orthodox Church) we can all take comfort in the warming grip of alcohol. And since there are going to be a lot of people reuniting and getting together this weekend, here’s a punch recipe for you guys to try out. Continue reading