Do You Know the D-Cat?

You mean I have to wear this thing? President Sean Decatur prepares for his first Opening Convocation.

Show your purple pride like Decatur shows his. (Photo by Henri Gendreau ’16.)

As inauguration approaches, Kenyon President Sean Decatur is becoming more and more of a campus celebrity. His face adorns the wall of Peirce and his robes watch us attentively as we enter and leave the library. Yet, what do you really know about our esteemed President? Take our quiz and find out if you’re a D-Cat know-it-all, or if you need to hit the books.

1. Where did Sean Decatur go to undergrad?

a. Kenyon College

b. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

c. Swarthmore College

d. University of Wisconsin at Madison

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Show Your Purple Pride

Though BEAT DENISON WEEK!!!!! remains a mystery to many of us (Does it involve all sports teams? Are we in a production of Grease?), at certain moments during each semester an overwhelming sense of pride washes over me for our majestic College. But how does one express this pride, this purple pride? (Ed. Not the purple person. Never the purple person.)  In tonight’s list we give you the top five ways to show how much you truly love Kenyon and maybe even appease the Board of Trustees with your student athletics enthusiasm.

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