Queer 101: LGBTQ+ History Month

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Hello again, Kenyon. Long time no see. It’s Queer 101, back and better than ever! Buckle up and break out your notebooks because you’re about to hear some exciting news. This month, here at Kenyon and everywhere, is LGBTQ+ History Month! Wheee! We already know that October is gay because of Halloween, but it’s also our time to celebrate queer history with our community and allies. In case you’ve been missing all of ODEI’s posters, or are having trouble reading the tiny print, the queer slice of the Kenyon Thrill is here to provide you with the who, what, when and where of LGBTQ+ History Month at Kenyon.

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Queer 101: Deb Ball 2017

Queer 101: Deb Ball 2017

Cw: Discussions of transphobia

Hey, Kenyon. I haven’t done one of these in a while but I feel like this Saturday is bringing about a topic we very much need to discuss on this campus. Namely, respecting trans and gender non-conforming students by being active and responsible allies instead of passive ones. The most important thing to remember in reading this article, whether you’re a fan of Deb Ball or not, is that allyship takes work. Allyship can be challenging. When your views and opinions are being challenged by a minority group who just wants you to hear them out, instead of shutting down and becoming defensive, you should listen. Our pain doesn’t come from sensitivity— it comes from history. It comes from real, tangible experiences and emotions. Your actions, even in the Kenyon bubble, do not occur in a vacuum. You are responsible for what you choose to pay attention to and what you choose to ignore. With that being said, I, as an openly nonbinary and queer student of Kenyon College, would like to discuss Deb Ball. Thank you in advance for keeping an open mind.

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Queer 101: Being Genderqueer in a Sorority (& Other Exciting Adventures)


Cassgender??? More like BADASS-GENDER!!! (via pride-flags-for-us.tumblr.com)

Hey, queer human beans & allies of Kenyon! Remember me? In case you’ve forgotten, I’m Caitie March ’19, one of the writers for Queer 101. Today’s article is going to be a bit different from all the others, because I’m going to be talking about my own ~personal experiences~ here at Kenyon!! Long story short, gender is weird, coming out is weird, and I’d really like to talk about it. I hope y’all will be down to talk about it, too.

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Queer 101: Safe Spaces

This article was co-written by Caitie March ’19 and Sam Roschewsk ’18.

So you’ve probably all noticed our favorite middle path picketers are back. Kenyon is usually a place most of us consider to be a safe space, and to have that violated in such a blatant way, that can be rough. We want to give you some guidelines and helpful tips on how to reclaim your safe spaces, or what to do when your safe space is violated like this.

Safe Mental Places 

The first step to having a safe space is to have a space that is mentally okay for you. You can find a mental safe space by encouraging yourself throughout the day and reminding yourself that who you are is wonderful and what other people says doesn’t matter.

We also know that sometimes that doesn’t do the job. Find people who care about you, and reach out to people who you know accept you for who you are. That might mean searching out a friend on campus, or calling friends or family from back home, whatever works for you!

*Caitie and I, as Queer 101 writers, would like you to know you can feel free to reach out to us at any time if you need to! 

Do something nice for yourself if you’re feeling down, and practice self care. Also, let yourself feel whatever emotions you’re feeling. You might be sad, angry, annoyed, or something else, and that’s okay, your emotions are valid.

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Queer 101: Information Blast!!!


BOOM! Info blast. ~via MythBusters


BOOM! It’s ▲Queer 101▲ again, back with some info about queer life at Kenyon! Here you’ll find a guide to all the student-run LGBTQIA+ organizations on campus. I’m sure many of you already learned about these clubs at the activities fair, but for those of you who didn’t (or were too overwhelmed by the insanity of a thousand booths and a giant walking puppet to take in any real information), here’s a comprehensive list of said clubs and instructions on how to join them. Enjoy!

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Queer 101: The Mother******* Queer Death Trope


So many tears for so many queers ~via traitspourtraits.tumblr.com

What’s up, queer friends and allies? Are you ready for some more eduGAYtion? :) Unfortunately, today’s topic is going to be kind of frustrating. I’m here to discuss queer representation in the media. More specifically, I’m going to rant a little about something called the queer death trope. If you’re part of the queer community, you probably already know what this is. If you’re not part of the queer community, or are unaware that this is a thing (which is totally okay, but just prepare to have your dreams crushed), this week’s Queer 101 will quickly outline what the death trope is, why we should care about it, and why so many people are talking about it now. So throw on your mourning clothes and join me in my fictional graveyard as we explore one of the most unfair tropes in books, television, and other forms of media. Welcome, ladies, gents, and non-binary folks, to the land of the dead queers.

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Queer 101: A Guide to LGBTQ-Focused Courses

So as you might have noticed, course registration for the fall semester is coming up pretty soon. You may be wondering, how can I be more queer in the classroom? Well, you may not have noticed but Kenyon DOES offer a handful of queer-focused classes! So here’s your guide if you’re looking for an extra course to take!

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